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Hey there!

I have been running this business for over 3 years now and never managed to introduce myself until now 🙂 So, HI!

My name is Tash Lewin and I live in Brisbane, Qld, with my forever guy Steve. We live in a beautiful apartment just outside the city.


I started this business because I wanted more from my life than sitting behind a desk. I wanted to feel like a made in a difference in someone’s life. I had always wanted to work in the wedding industry but never knew how, and then one day during a wedding planning course, I decided to just go for it. I saw the gold cutlery trend in America and decided to make it big here too. And beyond my wildest dreams, it has taken the country by storm. I may not be the only supplier anymore, but I am certainly it’s most passionate advocator. It may seem like a small, probably unnecessary, thing to have at your wedding, but I feel it can be one of the most important. There will be many elements vying for your attention and your budget, and many of them are essential (Celebrant 😉 can’t get married without one haha), then there will be the elements that give you that emotional punch. They will bring amount a surreal sense that in this moment you are at your wedding, not just some party. I feel that gold cutlery is one of those elements, that when you see it as you walk into your reception hall you couldn’t imagine not having it. It lifts the table setting and makes it glamorous and exciting. It is a talked about element.

As a person, I believe strongly in simplicity and minimalism. I don’t think you never every trend and bell and whistle to celebrate your love and union with another person. But if you have nothing else on your table, gold (or copper) cutlery will bring elegance and class to your wedding.

The business is just me, and I do it because I love the celebration of love. Sometimes in the hectic schedule of booking weddings, cleaning and polishing cutlery and delivering orders, I may forget, but then in small things (like a thank you message from a bride or a shared photograph), I am reminded of why I do this. I do this because of you, dear reader. I believe in your love and I am grateful that I can be a small part of your glorious day.

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